Tai Chi & Qigong Basics

When: 6 week class, starts Thursday June 28 from 9:30-10:30 am
Where: North Hampton Public Library 

Cost: free Please register with Liz at the N. Hampton Library, there is no fee for the class but donations to the library are always welcome.  Registration is just so we know how many are coming.

Want to know what Tai Chi is? What is Qigong?
These Asian arts are many times confused but are related and practice by millions around the world.

Join us for a 6 week series in the softer side of martial arts. Tai Chi has been endorsed by the medical community to help improve balance, coordination and flexibility. Qigong helps with stress reduction and will help you find your peaceful center while still exercising your body in a gentle way. We will touch on simple sets of movements that you can practice at home. All ages welcome.

The North Hampton Public Library
237A Atlantic Avenue
North Hampton, NH 03862

Tai Chi Fan Class

When: Saturdays, April 7 through May 12, 10-11 am
Where: Sunrise Sunset Center, 2 Terrace Drive Newmarket NH
Please register with Newmarket Recreation or click this link to register:

Cost: $75 for 6 weeks

Learn the Fun and Simple Flowing Fan sequence. This dance form embraces the tai chi principles of soft flowing movement with balance and coordination. No Tai Chi experience necessary. The fans add an element of grace and surprise. Lots of fun. Fans are available for purchase for $10 or bring your own. For more information contact or call Marsha at 603-498-9550.

Energies and Applications of the Tai Chi 24 Form

with Special Guest Instructor Chris Himmel

When: March 2, 2018, 9 am to 11 am
Where: Lee Church Congregational
17 Mast Road (Route 155), Lee, NH 03861
Registration: Marsha Carr, Tai Chi for Every Body, 603-498-9550,

Cost: $40, ($30 if paid by Feb 16)

Tai Chi is known for its soft flowing movements. Within these movements are eight primary body energies. These eight are the foundation of every tai chi form movement and fighting application and are present in single or multiple combinations of every move.

In this workshop we will explore and demonstrate some of these energies and applications so how you can engage these in your own practice. We will use the 24 Simplified Form postures as a jumping off point to demonstrate and practice some of these principles. Students who know the first half of the form or are currently practicing the form are encouraged to participate.

Advanced 24 Short Form Corrections Workshop

Sunday, January 28 at 9 AM – 11 AM
The Dojo -a Tokyo Joe’s Studio 
141 Bridge Rd, Salisbury, Massachusetts 01952

This seminar will focus on refining 24 move Tai Chi Short Form practice by looking at details and deepening understanding.  Students who have or are currently studying 24 Short Form are encouraged to attend. Bring your questions!  Hosted by Chris Himmel of Great Bay Tai Chi.Contact Chris for registration information at

Cost is $30

Chris Himmel began his study of martial arts in the early 1990s. It was not until he discovered Taijiquan that he truly found what he was searching for. Currently, Chris studies the Yang Style Short, Long, Ball and Saber forms along with Push Hands and the Taiji Fighting Set. Chris’s passion for Tai Chi is evident in his classes as he likes nothing better than sharing his knowledge with others.  In the Fall of 2017 Chris joined the staff of Serenity at Summit teaching Qigong for patients recovering from addiction.

Basic Tai Chi & Qigong Fundamentals Workshop

February 7 – March 14, Wednesday Evenings 5 – 6pm
Newmarket Recreation

Tai Chi is a form of Qigong (Chi Gong), an energy practice that can benefit anyones health. This workshop will consist of learning the Tai Chi principles of relaxation, proper weight transfer for balance, and correct alignment. Introductory lessons will include Dantien Breathing, moving against soft resistance, focused movement and Silk Reeling, and some simple coordination practices including Tai Chi walking.

All levels welcome. This class is simple enough for beginners but will challenge more advanced students also. Cost $85/session (Seniors $70) Please Register with Newmarket Recreation – online at


by phone (603) 659-8581.