“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

– Lao Tzu

925Tai Chi is a gentle exercise regimen that is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts. It is a smooth, graceful form of exercise focusing on balance, body awareness and deep breathing. Tai Chi is sometimes known as “meditation in motion”.

Tai Chi is being recognized by medical professionals for benefiting patients with many different medical conditions. Seniors, people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis, balance problems, and symptoms of other chronic conditions such as Lyme Disease can do the gentle movements and gain range of motion and decreased pain.

  • Small Classes
  • Gentle Easy Forms
  • Reduce Pain and Stress
  • Good for Balance and Coordination
  • Center Your Mind and Relax

“After being interested in tai chi for many years I was certainly fortunate to have ccontacted you and enrolled in your classes. As a disabled vet, I’ve had balance issues and pretty constant, nagging pain in my joints from moving awkwardly. My posture was terrible. I am pleased to say that since taking tai chi for even this short period I notice a huge difference in my posture and balance ! Pain is diminished and walking is much less of a chore. Many thanks for what you have helped me accomplish, Marsha. You can expect to see me return in October. I promise I’ll practice until then.” Steve Poehlman

Bamboo-Element(favicon)Marsha, thank you for a beautiful experience on the beach. The waves, the weather, the energy combined to make the tai chi and chi gong incredible. I loved it! Namaste, Linda

Bamboo-Element(favicon)Marsha, I have been attending your Tuesday tai chi class with some Veterans for about 8- 10 weeks now. Some mornings I really haven’t felt like going as I just didn’t feel up for it. My thinking was simply, not today. Every time I felt like that I went to class anyway and after every class I felt like it was definitely worth the effort.
I don’t perform some of the routines as well as I would like to but I’m brand new to tai chi so I’m okay with my performance because I know I will get better. The positive energy that you bring to each class helps me gain access to, for me, is very empowering. Sometimes trying to learn anything can be difficult. But even when I’m struggling you make it fun and positive.

I’m glad I decided to give tai chi a try.

Lou Fladger

Bamboo-Element(favicon)I have been having problems with swelling in my ankles and legs for some time. Marsha came and taught one class of Tai Chi at the assisted living place that I live at. The next day I noticed that the swelling in my ankles and legs was significantly less than it was before. I asked Marsha if Tai Chi could do this and she told me it might be possible. I am so happy to have such a great result from Tai Chi after just one lesson I will not miss another class!

Portsmouth NH

Bamboo-Element(favicon)About ten years ago I began to suffer from arthritis in my knees, back, neck, and hands. I was at a point where I had difficulty getting in and out of the car and climbing stairs. I finally decided there must be something out there to relieve my pain other than taking medication. I turned to acupuncture which alleviated most of my pain but I knew I should be doing something on my own. I wasn’t able to do strenuous exercise and walking where I live isn’t an option most of the year. Now I have Marsha and Tai Chi for Every Body. I began classes with her about seven years ago in Lee and I am now pretty much pain free. That is a big deal. I began with the arthritis form of Tai Chi and learned movements that help to relieve lower back pain. It is now seven years later and I find myself at the Lee Church every Wednesday, weather and schedule permitting. The class is always a lot of fun and I leave with a smile on my face. Tai Chi is now a positive part of my life both physically and emotionally. Marsha is a very patient and talented instructor and I hope to continue on with Tai Chi for many more years.

Bette Babcock
Lee, NH