Bamboo-Element(favicon)CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

Beginning Tai Chi

This class will cover the basic concepts of Tai Chi. Posture, relaxed deep breathing, flowing movement and a basic understanding of mind-body connection will be discussed. This is a great class to improve body awareness and balance. A simple 12 movement form designed for individuals with arthritis will be taught. Appropriate for all ages.


Simplified Yang 24 form

The healing benefits of Tai Chi have been reputed for hundreds of years by people practicing this ancient martial exercise. Practitioners have described curing themselves of many different ailments and improving overall health. This is a very gentle and relaxing class designed to reduce stress, improve balance and concentration while promoting a feeling of well-being. Students will learn the Yang style short form (24 form) also known as the simplified form as well as the complimentary healing Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises. This class is excellent for people trying Tai Chi for the first time. Please wear soft soled shoes and loose comfortable clothing.

fan form 2013

Flowing Water Fan Set

The Flowing Water Fan Set created by Jiang Jian-ye will be explored. A 14-movement form that combines Tai Chi movements and special fan techniques that are intended for beginners. It designed to be simple and easy to learn and improve balance and joint flexibility. Some tai chi experience recommended, but not required. This form uses the fan in large flowing movements with simple stepping. This is a progressive class. Fans will be available to borrow or purchase.

IMG_0548Sun 73 (Intermediate Tai Chi)

Sun Style Taijiquan is an internal martial art discipline that combines characteristics from Xingyiquan, Bagua Zhang and Taijiquan. As a style of Taijiquan, Sun Style stresses the importance of the internal aspect: using mind to lead qi and qi to lead the body movements. They are used together with correct breathing technique and relaxed concentration. The International Competition 73 Movements Form is taught and explored. Beginning Tai Chi class is suggested prior to joining this class.

Tai Chi for Energy

The Tai Chi for Energy form is a combination of Chen and Sun Styles. Chen is vigorous and complex combining fast and slow movements with spiral force. Sun style incorporates unique qigong (life energy) movements with agile stepping. These seemingly contrasting styles have complementary internal energy. Starting externally and moving towards the internal strength of both these forms will be the focus of this class.


Qigong Workshops

Qigong (Chi Kung) according to the Chinese, is a term consisting of two components. Qi means life energy and breath, the essence of life. Gong, has several meanings including work, skill, or the benefits or merit gained from practice of an activity. Workshops practice include the basic 3 part breath, focusing the mind and relaxing the body. No special clothing required, but dress should not be restrictive. This practice can be done standing or sitting.