You are going through your form and all of a sudden you go blank… This happens to us all at some point. There are several reasons why this has happened. You may be distracted by outside noise, your monkey mind has just jumped to another thought, or you just plain spaced out.

Whatever the reason, slow down, take a breath and look at what position your body is in. Are you in Single Whip? Which one?! Take a breath. Do you remember the sequence that got you here? Try running through it in your mind again. If that does’t jog your memory, it is ok to stop, laugh at yourself, and try again from the beginning.

Sometimes we are just going to fast and not engaging the mind in the movement. Sometimes we may be going too slow and just lose our place because we are so focused on the feeling and energy. Relax, step back for a moment. clear your mind, breathe. Start again. Allow your body to help you remember. Where is your weight? What leg is rooted, which one empty? Where does the empty leg go next? Pick a posture, even if it is not the next in the sequence, and play with it, see where it leads.

Allow yourself to have these moments, use them to reinforce your practice. Remember Tai Chi is never perfect, but always evolving. Each time you do your form it will be different. This is why we call it “Playing” Tai Chi!

When all else fails, call me and set up a lesson or we can Skype and work on it together online. In peaceful practice, enjoy your form.